Peace Action Wellington is a group based in Wellington, New Zealand that works for peace and justice throughout the world, with a special focus on the New Zealand government’s involvement in international affairs.

We are currently working to oppose the deployment of NZ troops to Iraq, and we have a campaign to get the US Marine Corp removed from Wellington Hospital.

Peace Action is a grassroots community group – we are not aligned with any political party or non-governmental organisation. We welcome people who are genuinely interested in working towards a more just and peaceful world.

Get involved: Organising meetings are fortnightly on Wednesdays at 6pm (in April 2015, the next meeting is 14 April) – we meet at 17-19 Tory Street.

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March against the War – NZ troops out of Iraq

Saturday, 16 May 2pm at Midland Park
Facebook event

New Zealand troops have again been deployed to Iraq as part of the ongoing US war there. For decades now, the US has been destroying Iraq – murdering its people, stealing its resources and creating chaos. NZ soldiers cannot help the people of Iraq; we can help by refusing to be a part of the ongoing US imperial wars in the Middle East. Join Peace Action Wellington and let’s demand an end to New Zealand’s involvement in Iraq.

Troops out now!
No racist terror laws!
End the US war of terrorism!

March against war May 2015


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