What you can do to stop the 2015 Weapons Conference

Hey folks. Here’s a few ideas about what you can do to shut down the weapons conference:

  1. Plan now to come to our actions – take the day off & stand up for peace and justice in our community
    Blockade the Conference – Tuesday, 17 Nov 8am meet @ Frank Kitts Park
    Block Party against weapons & war – Wednesday, 18 Nov 6pm at TSB Arena
  2. Come to our public meeting – Wednesday, 21 October @ St Johns Church Hall, corner Willis/Dixon Streets at 6pm
  3. Join our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter (@PeaceActionWGTN)
  4. Spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues – you can print posters, leaflets or make a stencil
  5. Visit our regular stall, sign the petition and get a cool “Stop the Weapons conference” t-shirt, badge or bag
  6. Tell the Mayor and Councillors to take a principled position. We are encouraging Celia Wade-Brown, the Executive Leader of the Mayors for Peace to take a principled stand against the Weapons Conference. Please contact the Mayor and other Councillors and encourage them to say “NO” to hosting the Weapons Conference in Wellington, a Peace City.
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