Come to one of our actions

There are two actions to stop the weapons conference this week:

  • Blockade the ConferenceTuesday, 17 Nov 8am meet at Frank Kitts Park. Bring warm clothes, tasty food, a camera and your friends.
  • Block Party to block the (cocktail) party – Wednesday, 18 Nov 6pm at TSB Arena. Bring your friends, food, two left feet, anything that makes a tune or a beat!

conference poster

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One Response to Come to one of our actions

  1. I am the coordinator for the NO To NEW TRIDENT campaign (NOTNT.ORG) here in the United States. On behalf of the campaign, and Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action (GZCENTER.ORG), I heartily support your action today at the weapons conference!!! Lockheed Martin builds the Trident II D5 submarine-launched ballistic missile carried on the Trident submarines both here and on the UK’s Trident subs. We stand in solidarity against war profiteers, and for a paradigm shift to nonviolent conflict resolution (it’s going to be a long haul). Thanks and Peace, Leonard Eiger


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