Block Party to Block the Party on Wednesday at 6pm

12241540_1066519650027852_6093261149695823795_nWe’ve had a big day today blockading the weapons conference – and we’re headed back tomorrow. Please join us after work if you can. The weapons companies are having an awards ceremony for best weapons company & we’ve got a few awards of our own.
So join the party – Wednesday, 6pm at TSB Arena – please bring noisemakers, banners, costumes, music-making and join the block party to block the party.

There were lots of people willing to stand up for peace and justice – and the weapons dealers had a very unwelcome reception and a difficult time getting inside. There were 28 of us arrested today for a variety of charges. If you have any details about the day’s events especially if you saw anyone injured that would be useful for us for our court case, please email

We’ll see you on the streets!

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