Court solidarity for #StopWeaponsConf arrestees

26 people were arrested for protesting the annual Weapons Conference in November 2015. The #StopWeaponsConf days of protest blockaded the entrance of the Wellington council run TSB Arena where arms dealers and NZ Defence Forces met to discuss weapons and war. The conference offered delegates excellent opportunities to ‘speed date’ with their fave arms manufacturer and check out the displays of machine guns, ammo and fun shooting games. It was sponsored by the world’s largest arms company and nuclear warhead manufacturer, Lockheed Martin.

Protesters blocked entrances, interrupted proceedings with noise outside and had a party to disrupt the arms dealers cocktail party and dinner.

The cops as usual stood on the side of cash, violence and the status quo – violently attacking and arresting 27 peaceful protesters. They arrested zero arms dealers.

One protesters’ charge was since dropped but 26 are still being prosecuted. At the first court appearance, back in November, protesters put in an initial plea of NOT GUILTY. Many plan to fight their charges.

The next court date is now coming up – 18th February. Come along and show your solidarity with those protesters who were arrested standing up against the arms dealers and NZDF!

We will be holding a rally outside the court at 8.30am. The hearing is set to be at 10am (though who knows how long they’ll make us wait!) and people should be able to come into the court room as well. If you can’t make it on the day and still want to show your solidarity, please share the event, invite your friends and share/donate to the GiveaLittle page to help with legal costs:

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One Response to Court solidarity for #StopWeaponsConf arrestees

  1. Heman says:

    Cant believe this is happening in our Wellington.. I am with you guys.


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