Solidarity action: Women 4 Syria

Yesterday we met in Wellington to plant edible plants in public spaces to honour the lives of millions of Syrian women enduring siege, war, exile, disposession and imprisonment, as well as those who have passed away.

The reason we used edible plants is to remind people in New Zealand of the one million people across 46 communities in Syria who are besieged and struggling to eat.

We reject the weaponisation of food in conflict and we assert that land and food sovereignty are key to the dignity and self-determination of all people.

We encourage you to replicate this action, which can be taken in any location.

We shared short biographies of women to honour as part of the action – for every one that we know of there are thousands we don’t. We also commemorate the unknown, un-named women who sacrifice, resist, teach, inspire, survive and persist in the struggle for self and collective self-determination, inside Syria or wherever they are.

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2 Responses to Solidarity action: Women 4 Syria

  1. mark mcintosh says:

    I feel that it is in our blood to make weapons but that ultimately it is unsustainable.


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