The Nuclear Free Wellington Sign Returns

Peace Action Wellington members were delighted to discover that the old Nuclear Free Wellington sign has been returned to its rightful place, welcoming travellers from Wellington Airport.
Sign reading"Welcome to Wellington: A nuclear-free city" and a peace symbol with koru stylingAt a time when concern about nuclear weapons is growing and the Government is building closer military ties with the United States of America we should remember the importance of our Nuclear Free status, and the significance of Wellington as a Nuclear Free Peace City.


Wellington was declared a nuclear free zone on April 14 1982 and 40 local authorities in total had declared themselves nuclear-free by the end of 1984.

It is an affront to this country’s nuclear-free status that a naval exercise with United States ships will be taking place in the waters of the Aotearoa New Zealand this November.The naval exercise will be run in connection with the Defence Industry Association’s annual Weapons Conference. The conference is part trade expo and part bidding for Government contracts, has been marked by strong protest in Wellington. The United States of America refuses to confirm or deny the presence of nuclear power or weapons on these ships. They should not be permitted here and we should not build military ties with a country responsible for atrocities such as those at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib. The Weapons Conference and is taking place in Auckland in 2016.

nuclear_free_2Peace Action Wellington appreciates all the good work Auckland groups are doing organising resistance to this upcoming conference. We cannot allow companies to use war as a money making opportunity.

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