#NauruFiles and NZ: An action for Asylum Seekers!

nauru_files_shotJoin Peace Action Wellington, Changemakers Refugee Forum and friends for speakers at Parliament at lunchtime on the 25th August followed by a march to the Australian High Commission. Check the facebook event for updates.

With the release of the #NauruFiles, abuse and inhumane conditions on Nauru are once again in the spotlight. The end of August 2016 marks 15 years since the 483 refugees rescued by the Tampa were refused by Australia and taken to Nauru, starting the ‘Pacific Solution’ and Australia’s use of offshore detention to avoid taking in refugees. 150 of the Tampa refugees were eventually granted citizenship by New Zealand.

History repeats itself again as there is offer from the New Zealand government to take 150 people from the centres, which Australia has so far refused to take up. It’s time for the NZ government, as Australia’s closest ally, to put pressure on them to end mandatory offshore detention policy and accept refugees, as required under international law. We can and should do more, NZ accepts far fewer per capita refugees than Australia each year.

Refugees and asylum seekers on Nauru have been protesting for months. Australian activists and civil society are working to turn the tide of opinion. Kiwis need to stand in solidarity, speak up and take action for asylum seekers. #BringThemHere

There will be short speeches on Parliament steps and then we will then march to the Australian High Commission to tell them to #CloseTheCamps #EndDetentionNow

Here are the current confirmed speakers – with more to come!

– Two former Save the Children staff in the Nauru detention centre
– Peace Action Wellington on the links between the military industrial complex and refugees
– Amnesty International NZ, who recently released a report on abuse & neglect of refugees on Nauru
– Kelvin Davis, Labour MP who has visited Kiwis in detention on Christmas Island and has spoken out against offshore detention
– Marama Davidson, Green Party MP who supports refugees and asylum seekers
– Nurredin Abdurahman, Oromo Community member of a refugee background

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