MAS Zengrange unwelcome in Lower Hutt

Peace Action Wellington went to visit MAS Zengrange, the local arms dealer in Lower Hutt, who manufacture mortar-firing systems and other war products.

Even though multiple Deaths tried to throw them a party to recognise their profit from war, the arms dealers were strangely unhappy to see us. Five peace activists were arrested. No arms dealers were arrested.

MAS Zengrange, based at 30-32 Downer Street, manufacture ‘fire control systems’, or trigger systems, used to fire explosives, mortars and artillery. These are then used to kill people in wars around the world.maszengrange20160921

MAS Zengrange admit on their website that they sell to a range of Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, who are infamous for their human rights abuses and relentless bombing attacks on innocent civilians in Yemen.

By selling to Saudi Arabia, MAS Zengrange is actively complicit in the deaths of people there.

Despite employing explicit images of weapons in active military use to accompany their products, when interviewed at the 2015 Weapons Expo in Wellington, MAS Zengrange tried to claim that their products were “…not used in an aggressive sense at all”.

September 2016 is a worldwide month of action against the arms trade in all of its forms and the campaign against MAS Zengrange is just beginning.

maszengrange3_20160921 If you want to let your neighbours know that their business of war is unacceptable, you can contact them directly on or by calling 04 570 2688. Or you could go and visit them to let them know.

#WarStartsHere, we need to stop it here.

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