Kiwisaver invested in death and destruction

Death has been having a field day in Aotearoa lately. After visiting arms company Mas Zengrange in Lower Hutt, Death and some weapons dealers visited Wellington banks in the hope of investing their blood money into more war.

Check out our video of our action highlighting Kiwisaver investment in weapons and the even dirtier depths of NZ’s involvement in the global arms business.

Over half of the default government-appointed Kiwisaver providers have been found to be invested in arms companies. Public investment should reflect public interest, investments in weapons does not. Public pressure is stopping weapons companies from getting our Kiwisaver money.

Lets keep going and divest from weapons for a peaceful future. The NZ Superfund is invested in 43 arms companies. The NZDIA Weapons Expo, which is a chance for weapons dealers and the government to get together and further the business of war is happening this November. Lets take action to Stop The Weapons Expo and Warships. #WarStartsHere #StopTheWeaponsExpo

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