Week of Resistance/Court Solidarity

A Week of Ongoing Resistance & Solidarity! 13th-17th February


In November 2015, 27 people were arrested for protesting peacefully outside the Weapons Conference in Wellington. 15 of us are still facing trial which will take place between the 13-17th February. Although this has been a stressful and lengthy process, the struggle against the arms trade continues, so this will be a Week of Ongoing Resistance. Join us! More details and updates on the whole week’s events will be on court updates page and our Facebook event here.

Kick off Court
Monday 13th Feb, 9am, Wellington District Court

Let’s kick off proceedings in style with a rally outside the entrance to Wellington District Court. Bring an anti-war or ‘Not Guilty’ sign!

Stop the Weapons Conference: petition delivery
Tuesday 14th Feb, 6pm, Parliament

Join us to deliver a petition calling for an end to the Weapons Conference. Signatures were gathered by both PAW & our sister organisation Auckland Peace Action & we’ll be handing this in to the government to tell them that arms dealers and weapons deals are not welcome in Aotearoa.

Vigil for Reza Barati – Refugees Welcome
Friday 17th Feb, 8am, Australian High Commission

Join Doing Our Bit & PAW for a vigil and sit-in outside the Australian High Commission. Reza Berati was escaping persecution from Iran. He was on a boat headed for Australia. Instead of seeing if he was really seeking protection, the Australian government locked him up on Manus Island. He was murdered there on February 17, 2014 because the Australian government would not protect his life. Come and show your solidarity and disgust at the Australian government’s treatment of refugees fleeing war. More information on the Facebook event here.

Solidarity Shared Kai
ALL WEEK: Monday 13th – Friday 17th, c. 1-2pm, Wellington District Court

Come and share kai at lunchtime if you’re in the city. Lunchtimes will be dictated by the court but are generally around 1-2pm. Feel free to bring along some snacks to share if you can (Vegan treats especially appreciated!).

Come to Court
ALL WEEK: Monday 13th – Friday 17th, c. 10am – 5pm

Feel free to come along to the Court itself! It may be boring at times but your presence will be much appreciated by the arrestees. Let’s pack out the courtroom! Please don’t actively protest during the court proceedings as this could affect the Judge’s decisions & drag all this shit out even longer. If you have volunteered and been confirmed as a witness, court rules say that you cannot see any other court proceedings before your testimony is heard. You can still come along to the court while it’s not in session though!

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One Response to Week of Resistance/Court Solidarity

  1. Terrence C Palmer says:

    I am appalled at your anzac day memorial service. Too young and dumb.
    I understood your protest prior to this and I understood it as an unfortunate incident. And one that is although disturbing, understandable from my foreign experience. Up until this anzac day protest you had my respect. Now I see you as somewhat disturbed and lacking moral demonstrative logic. My thoughts are now you and Hager. Get fucked nicely of course. Terrence c Palmer.0223006365. You immorality fucking pricks.


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