Drone Assassination Awareness Week February 26 – March 3

woodcutPeace Action Wellington are supporting the Catholic Worker Movement during their Drone Assassination Awareness Week. The Catholic Worker Movement is raising awareness of New Zealand’s complicity in US drone strikes and military action with a week-long Drone Assassination Awareness Week.

Throughout the week a converted school-bus with a shrine to remember victims of military drone-strikes will be roving Wellington streets. There will be six days and nights of prayer, fasting and witnessing for the victims of drone strikes. At the end of the week they will call on the GCSB to end all assistance given to the drone assassination programme and release all historic files up to February 2007.

The Catholic Worker Movement and Peace Action Wellington worked together against the Weapons Expo in 2015 and were fellow defendants in a botched prosecution where 15 defendants recently had their charges dismissed in the Wellington District Court. “Anti-war groups are active across Aotearoa and have been uniting to stop war where it starts – in the intelligence services and Weapons Expo. We’re happy to support this Drone Assassination Awareness Week and to stand in solidarity with people threatened by drones around the world,” said Alison Grand of Peace Action Wellington.

The NZ government, through GCSB, is in partnership with the US by supplying information gathered through the Five Eyes alliance and is therefore complicit in the crimes committed by the US military. This includes drone strikes which have killed thousands of innocent civilians in seven Muslim majority countries.
“We will be praying and fasting for the thousands of civilians killed by the USA’s targeted drone assassination programme.” said Catholic Workers’ Movement spokesperson Adrian Leason.

“Most kiwis would be horrified to learn that our own GCSB is helping the US drone programme that has killed so many civilians. So we will be calling on the government to withdraw the GSCB’s contribution of intelligence to this programme.” said Mr Leason.

For more details, see: www.takeourbloodinstead.com


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