Decolonise Your Mind!

We Teach Life – a poetry evening with Rafeef Ziadah

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to co-host Rafeef Ziadah’s show in Te Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellington with Poetry in Motion.

150 people were treated to a powerful night of music, poetry and spoken word at Old St Paul’s in Thorndon. The night began with spoken word from Aotearoa artists Te Kahu Rolleston, Rangimārie Sophie Jolley, Winara Levi and Mohamed Hassan. Then Phil Monsour kept the energy high playing his own music before accompanying Rafeef’s performance of her political & emotionally charged spoken word. The themes of colonisation, borders, roots and resistance weaved in and out all the performances and we left inspired to take action for Palestine and decolonisation around the world.

Paiaka: Relate, Resist and Organise!

The following day a bunch of us headed off to the Innermost Gardens to participate in an afternoon of workshops. It was great to be able to do some self reflection on our activism, think about how we function as a group, how we work with others including tangata whenua and meet some new people.

Paiaka is a new community project which aims to connect local communities to the whenua, connect communities to each other, lay a whariki (mat) for learning about politics and resistance and engage discussion and develop tools to create a just world

Hit and Run

Then on Tuesday we caught PM Bill English and Chief of Defence Tim Keating sweeping some classified documents pertaining to the deadly NZ SAS raid on a village in Afghanistan under the rug. We are not going to stop talking about this and will be releasing a video soon.

Add your voice to the call for an independent inquiry now!

Now the cops owe us money!

You might have caught the news a while back that we won our case against police for costs (well they said they would give it to us but it hasn’t arrived yet!). We have been awarded a small amount of money back. You can read all the details here:

Some of this money has been used to reimburse further costs to activists from the court proceedings. We have decided to spend any leftover money on future campaigns against the Weapons Expo. It seems likely that it’s coming back to Wellington this year so we have been working on the campaign already.


In February handing in a petition at parliament calling for an end to the Weapons Expo.

Thanks once more for your support and solidarity, it means a lot.

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