700 refugees on Manus need us to #BringThemHere

Around 700 refugees are in an urgent situation on Manus Island. The detention centre in which the Australian Government has held them for months or years is set to be closed on 31st October. Although the detention centre has been a nightmarish experience for all held there, closing the centre leaves these people extremely vulnerable and without any support, in a hostile environment where local people have threatened violence against them.

Australia has washed their hands of these refugees. New Zealand should stand up for what’s right and urgently bring them here.You can find more information and our petition about the situation here.


What can you do?

We need to take urgent action right now, as these vulnerable people will be left without power, water, sewage or protection from tomorrow, 31st October 2017. Our new Government might just be open to taking action, so let’s

  1. Sign and share this petition demanding the NZ Government #BringThemHere.
  2. Tweet at our PM @jacindaardern or Immigration Minister @IainLG – here are a couple of suggested tweets:

    Hundreds of refugees on Manus in desperate situation as detention centre due to be closed. We need to bring them here @jacindaardern @IainLG

    Refugees on Manus Island in danger as detention centre shuts. We need to urgently #BringThemHere! #RefugeesWelcome @jacindaardern @IainLG

  3. Call or email your MP, Jacinda Ardern and Iain Lees-Galloway directly: jacinda.ardern@parliament.govt.nz / 04 817 9370 & iain.lees-galloway@parliament.govt.nz 04 817 6967
  4. Send a message of solidarity directly to refugees on Manus & let them know we stand with them and want them here. Iranian journalist Behrouz Boochani is being held on Manus & is reporting the situation there – tweet at him @BehrouzBoochani or use #BringThemHere

This is urgent. Please take action now.

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