We are winning! The Weapons Expo is leaving Wellington!

BIG NEWS! The Weapons Expo is leaving Wellington – together we’ve run the arms dealers out of town!

The annual get-together for arms dealers and the military has been happening in our city for 20 years (except when it went to Tāmaki Makaurau in 2016 and got shut down by the awesome Auckland Peace Action crew!), so it’s a huge win for us that they no longer feel welcome in our city.

Over the years, together we’ve blocked tanks at Te Papa, stopped buses full of arms dealers heading to the Westpac Stadium, and disrupted speeches by Lockheed Martin boss by banging on the walls of the TSB Arena. Following Mayor Justin Lester’s courageous decision to ban them from Council venues last year, we think it’s likely they can no longer find a place in our city to do their dirty deals. We’re so proud to have achieved this with everyone who came and stood against this disgusting trade of death and destruction.

BUT it’s not over yet. The Weapons Expo is moving to Te Papaioea – Palmerston North over Halloween, from the 31st October – 1st November. This will be much less convenient for schmoozy meetings with government and the NZDF leaders, but we need to make sure it’s still impossible for them to have business as usual, while their business is still maximising murdering and maiming.

We and Auckland Peace Action are supporting newly-formed Peace Action Manawatū to stand up to the arms trade in Palmy and we hope you will too. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the plans! We’ll be organising a crew to head up to Palmy, so SAVE THE DATE if you want to come along and make this Halloween really scary for the arms dealers. In the mean time enjoy this celebration mashup video from Weapons Expo protests 2015-2017.

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