Come to court next week! ✊

We’re back in court next week!

Peace activists Adi and Gary were arrested at last year’s Weapons Expo blockade at the Westpac Stadium. They’re accused of obstructing a public way, for their part in standing up against the arms dealers and warmongers and will go through a three day trial from Monday 17th – Wednesday 19th at Wellington District Court.


We’ll be there in solidarity and you can join us! Here’s what you could do:

  • Meet outside Wellington District Court at 9am on Monday 17th for a show of solidarity with Adi and Gary, and as a show of resistance against the arms trade.
  • Come along to the hearings themselves – they’ll run from 10am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Wellington District Court.
  • Join us at lunchtime – 1pm on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday at Wellington District Court. Feel very free to bring along some kai to share (vegan baking especially welcome!). We MAY move to another location at lunchtime, so keep an eye on our Twitter page for updates.
  • Send us an email or Facebook message of solidarity to Adi and Gary – we’ll pass them on.
  • If you’d like to chip in some cash for court or our other work, you’re very welcome to! Here are our account details: Peace Action Wellington, 38-9007-0839416-00
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