Solidarity with Hawai‘i against RIMPAC 2020

From across Te Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa, the great Pacific Ocean, we send greetings and solidarity to our Hawaiian brothers, sisters and friends resisting RIMPAC, the Rim of the Pacific military exercise.

We stand resolutely and implacably opposed to the arrogant imperial violence that is RIMPAC. This military exercise is training for mass murder and ecocide. No amount of propaganda or spin can disguise the true nature of these preparations for war and colonisation.

RIMPAC enforces the illegal US colonial occupation of Hawai‘i. The great islands of Hawai‘i were never ceded to the United States. They were stolen by a US coup d’etat and fraudulently occupied by US marines in 1896. Hawaiians have never been asked nor consulted about their lands and seas being used as a US military base. The Hawaiian people are the sole legitimate source of authority across the Hawaiian archipelago. We support their aspirations for a free and independent nation.

RIMPAC is a dangerous provocation to other countries. It is intended to be a show of force and a demonstration of US power in the region. The Pacific is a new imperialist battleground between the US and China. This military exercise has excluded and encircled China. It does not build international trust or cooperation, but instead builds fear, creates opportunities for misunderstandings and sows division. We support a nuclear-free, weapons-free and independent Pacific.

The US does not, and never has, acted in the service of freedom or democracy. It acts in the interest of US business in pursuit of new resources and new markets. When those are not freely given, they are taken by force. The US military is the enforcer of the exploitative, global capitalist economic order. This violence is the history of the US military in the Pacific.

RIMPAC is harmful to our collective existence: the 26 attending militaries burn millions of litres of fossil fuels; they use missiles and torpedoes in sinking exercises polluting the Pacific, they deploy underwater sonar blasts damaging marine mammal health and killing marine life, they conduct live ordnance training, and they dump toxic wastes at sea.

From Aotearoa New Zealand to Hawai‘i, we stand with you to build a different world in the shell of the old. We will work with you to build peace with justice and self-determination. We will be tireless in our efforts to end militarism and imperialism in every corner of the earth. We act in solidarity with you to end RIMPAC this year and every year.

Kia kaha. Kia maia. Kia manawanui. Be strong. Be brave. Be resolute. #CancelRIMPAC2020


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