Minister must explain white supremacist in the NZDF

The public needs answers from Ron Mark, Minister of Defence, about another member of the NZDF named in a Newsroom article today with explicit links to a domestic white supremacist terrorist organisation.

What is the Minister going to do about ongoing white supremacist organising within the military? This is the third NZDF soldier linked to a neo-nazi group.

Today, James Fairburn, a former Army communications operator and a current member of the Army Reserves was publicly outed as a white supremacist. He has attended events hosted by a domestic white supremacist group, and he has engaged in online hate forums. The group he has been associated with, Action Zealandia, has several members already linked with other criminal offenses.

The NZDF appears to have a serious problem with recruiting active neo-nazis into their forces. Minister of Defence Ron Mark has so far been unwilling to deal with this problem and the NZDF has brushed it off. It is disturbing that they haven’t reviewed any processes or policies since before the Christchurch terrorist attack.

We also believe that the New Zealand Police are not doing any active investigation of these people.

The Defence Minister, Minister of Police, and the Minister of the NZSIS, and the agencies they manage, appear incapable of responding to this obvious threat to public safety.

The people of Aotearoa have a right to feel safe from neo-nazi violence and need answers now.

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