Take two actions for peace and climate justice this week

This week, we encourage you to sign two petitions and help build a culture of peace and a powerful movement for climate justice.

  • A fair go for a family in danger
    Seven months ago we learned about a family who attempted to seek asylum in Aotearoa New Zealand by boat. This petition calls on the New Zealand government to offer resettlement to this family: three adults and three children. They left Sri Lanka and boarded a ship in Indonesia in 2015, bound for New Zealand. Their ship, the Andika, was seaworthy and would have made it here, but they were intercepted in a ‘turnback’ operation that forced them off their ship and seriously endangered their lives. Six years later, they remain in an Indonesian detention centre, hoping that our government might give them their fair chance to claim asylum— claims they are legally entitled to make.
  • Read more & sign the petition
  • End fossil fuel permits
    We are in a climate emergency – the heat waves, deaths and wildfires in Canada are just a taste of what we will see without drastic immediate action. We need to transition off fossil fuels urgently. The current accepted notion of being carbon neutral by 2050 is far too late. This petition calls on the Government to ban any new oil and gas prospecting, exploration and mining permits including extensions of existing permits in Taranaki and to ban any new coal mines or expansion of existing coal mines in Aotearoa by 2022.

Petitions are one way you can take action. Getting involved in regular organising is another. If you are interested in working as part of Peace Action Wellington, contact us on peacewellington@riseup.net or via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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