Crafting resistance: art and activism

WHEN: Saturday, 7 August 1-5pm
WHERE: Newtown Community Centre, Level 2, 2a Green Street, above the old ANZ bank
Facebook event

  We invite you to join us for a day of kōrero and action where we will learn from speakers who have been fierce, front-line resistors of oppressive forces in the Pacific. Then, in honour of their continued resistance, we will engage in radical art projects. Come along and workshop a range of take-home resources that will creatively educate, uplift, move, empower and inspire action towards justice.
  Following Hiroshima Day on August 6th, we will take the opportunity to affirm and strengthen our continuing commitment to ethical remembering and active opposition of structures which colonise, extract, displace, and destroy for profit. While as a nation we have been firm in our rejection of nuclear arms in our waters, we have been passive for too long as the Pacific became a playground for war machinery and nuclear testing.

Joining us will be Dr Emalani Case from Victoria University and the crew from Indigenous Pacific Uprising: Tāwhana Chadwick, Sina Brown-Davis and Anevili TS.

The time for resistance, solidarity, and transformation is now. Another way is possible through collective action and imagination.

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