Peace Action Plan Climate Action

Peace Action Wellington is holding an info evening on Thursday, 21 October from 6-9pm at the Newtown Community Centre to discuss and plan a climate justice action to coincide with the international climate negotiations happening in Scotland, COP 26.

“The draft Emissions Reduction Plan that was released last week is totally inadequate so we will shut down the climate polluters ourselves.” said Valerie Morse, member of Peace Action Wellington.

Peace Action Wellington is planning a non-violent direct action for 5 and 6 November. The 5th of November is the day colonial troops invaded Parihaka as part of the war for land. A war which has never ended and links directly to white supremacy, extractivism and now climate change. The 6th of November is a Global Day of Action for climate justice.

“The government continues to grant fossil fuel exploration permits and excuse industrial dairy from emissions targets. We have lost faith that they act in the interest of ordinary people and the generations of New Zealanders to come. It is up to us to shut down these corporate polluters now, before the window of opportunity is closed forever,” said Valerie Morse, member of Peace Action Wellington.

“We still have time. This is a crisis. We can choose to stop destroying the earth now, or we can continue to live in denial by continuing business – and life – as it has been. We’ve got real solutions to address climate change right now, but we cannot allow polluters more time to clean up their act. They’ve had decades to change; but are instead profiting from the climate crisis. It is obscene and inexcusable. We need to prioritise taking care of people and the environment over business profits.”

“Many people live in fear of the realities of climate change. Our future is something we make together, it isn’t predetermined. We want an abundant, regenerative, compassionate and equitable society and we can have it, but we have to start making changes today.

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