What do we do about a Pacific arms race and rising regional tensions? Build a powerful peace movement

Over the last few weeks, we have heard and read a torrent of news stories about the Chinese military and security in the Pacific. The US and Australia are ringing alarm bells and seeking some ‘re-engagement’ in the region. But for the people on the front lines, more weapons, troops and military deployments actually mean less security and less freedom.

Now is the time for a Weapons-Free and Independent Pacific
There is a different opportunity presented by this moment: a weapons-free and independent Pacific. The work of the Nuclear-Free and Independent Pacific movement, which was firmly grounded in the decolonisation of all of the Pacific peoples, is not complete. We now live in the region of the fastest growing arms race. It is time to expand that vision to include all weapons – not just nuclear weapons. This is a vision for real peace and security instead of endless preparation, training and spending for war. No more do we want billions spent for new and better ways to kill each other; we must use all of our collective energy and resources to address climate change, environmental destruction, poverty, corporate exploitation and ongoing colonial racism. We can do it.

Cancel RIMPAC 2022
Peace Action Wellington is part of an international campaign to cancel the US military’s largest live combat maritime training: RIMPAC (short for ‘Rim of the Pacific’) due to start on 26 June and run through August in and around Hawai‘i. The NZDF is part of this combat training. Read more about RIMPAC>>

We want you to join us to build a strong and vibrant peace movement in Aotearoa that embraces decolonisation and demiltiarisation as the way forward. 

Sign our petition to Cancel RIMPAC

Join us on Saturday, 18 June 2022 from 1-5pm for a creative resource making day at the Newtown Hall in Wellington. Facebook event here

Email the Defence Minister Peeni Henare (peeni.henare@paraliament.govt.nz) and Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta (nanaia.mahuta@paraliament.govt.nz) with the following message:

Kia ora Minister Henare and Minister Mahuta,

I’m writing to you to urge you to completely withdraw all NZDF participation in the US Navy’s upcoming “Rim of the Pacific” (RIMPAC) live combat training during July-August 2022. I want to see Aotearoa NZ embrace decolonisation and demilitarisation of the Pacific, not feed into the growing arms race and military build up.

RIMPAC is a real and present danger to the Pacific. It further raises tensions between the US and China, and adds to the environmental damage, economic fragility and social destruction of the Pacific.

New Zealand has the chance now to exercise independent foreign policy and be a Pacific partner and a model for other countries by choosing not to participate in 2022. In 1982 New Zealand withdrew from RIMPAC activities. We can do it again.

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