Keep Space for Peace

Solidarity Picket outside MBIE, 15 Stout St, Wellington
12 noon, Monday 5 September 2022

On Monday 5 September, New Zealand’s first ever Aerospace Summit will be happening in Christchurch. We are joining with other peace groups to demand that we keep space for peace and shut down the growing arms race in space. Join Peace Action Wellington at 12 noon, Monday 5 September, outside the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), 15 Stout St, Wellington to take the same message to staff and decision-makers at MBIE: KEEP SPACE FOR PEACE!

Bring a banner if you wish. Bring your friends / workmates / whānau.

If you happen to have a Star Wars or Star Trek costume, perhaps bring that too!

Right now, we are threatened with weapons in space. Aerospace companies are vying for military contracts to position satellites above us that are capable of detailed surveillance and launching weapons. NZ-based company Rocket Lab has contracts with the US Military that launch these satellites from the Mahia Peninsula.

The overwhelming majority of countries are concerned that the weaponisation of outer space will lead to an arms race and believe that a multilateral approach is the best way to prevent this.

The Outer Space Treaty from 1967 prohibits the placement of weapons of mass destruction in outer space. But it does not regulate other types of weapon systems being placed in outer space or using outer space assets to conduct attacks.

A new agreement has been on the disarmament agenda for decades to prevent an arms race in outer space, but negotiations have never commenced on this topic. Although different initiatives have been introduced, negotiations for a legally-binding instrument have continuously been prevented.

With our growing understanding about the universe, it is more important than ever to protect space against weaponisation, militarisation, and irresponsible behaviour. A conflict in space would lead to devastating direct consequences for our daily life on Earth, but also affect the overall long-term sustainability and peaceful use of space.

As the Anti-Bases Campaign writes, “The principal culprit is Rocket Lab, which has morphed from a New Zealand company into an American company which now operates from both the US and NZ. Many of Rocket Lab’s key customers of its rocket launches from its NZ launch site are the US military and spy agencies.  Rocket Lab is now operating a privately-owned US base in NZ.

Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck is a keynote speaker, along with numerous other high flyers (pun intended) from the global and national aerospace industry. Central and local government leaders will be among the speakers. It’s a big deal and all part of the push to build an NZ aerospace industry, in Canterbury and nationally.

If you cannot attend but would like to support the campaign, please sign the petition on Action Station: Keep Space For Peace | OurActionStation

For more information, see:

Rocket Lab Monitor

Anti-Bases Campaign (

Peace Action Wellington | Facebook

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