Parihaka Day webinar – confiscation and climate justice

Join Tuhi-Ao Bailey and Tihikura Hohaia, Parihaka kaitiaki to discuss Parihaka Invasion Day, dairy cows and climate justice.

The history of the dairy industry in Taranaki is deeply implicated in the history of raupatu (confiscation) and Parihaka. 

Millions of acres of the most fertile land was confiscated after the invasion of the Waikato and Taranaki in the 1860s, But Māori resistance continued. Through the 1870s Te Whiti’s kaupapa of peaceful resistance at Parihaka effectively stopped the government’s plans for the Waimate plains. 

It is only after the invasion of Parihaka and the imprisonment without trial of hundreds of supporters including Te Whiti and Tohu can the land theft continue.By the 1890s, this stolen land is the foundation of an intensive dairy industry. 

As we approach Parihaka Invasion Day 5th November, join Toin Tuhi-Ao Bailey and Tihikura Hohaia in a webinar to discuss climate justice and solutions to agricultural emissions through lens of this history.


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