Protest US and NZ war crimes! Protest Hillary Clinton, US war monger

Peace Action Wellington

3 November 2011

When: Thursday 4 November 4:30 Where: Parliament Grounds Bring: banners, placards, friends, comrades, etc

“When US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signs the ‘Wellington Declaration’ on Thursday at Parliament, she will be greeted with an anti-war picket just outside. We will not stand idly by as the one of the people responsible for the hundreds of thousands murders, tortures, kidnappings, rapes, and forced displacements in Iraq and Afghanistan sips wine inside the beehive” said Peace Action Wellington member Valerie Morse

“The New Zealand government has been right alongside the Americans in the global killing escapade that they call the ‘war on terrorism’ for nine years now. Why is New Zealand fighting and killing for America? Simply put, money and power: the government wants a free-trade deal with the US to appease NZ capitalists, and wants closer military relations with the US to ensure global Western domination.

“This is a war OF terrorism being waged by bullies and thugs in Washington and Wellington in order to secure the resources of the Middle East and ensure Western supremacy. Bush’s war is now Obama and Clinton’s war, but it is the same old US foreign policy of imperial war and occupation.”

“Peace Action Wellington demands an immediate end to ALL New Zealand involvement in the phony ‘war on terrorism’: no more SAS, no more frigates, no more thinly veiled occupations disguised as ‘reconstruction,’ no more spybases. We demand peace with justice and self-determination for Afghanistan, Iraq and all of the people of the world.”


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