NZ Troops out NOW

Peace Action Wellington

4 August 2010

‘New Zealand’s first combat death in Afghanistan should be a wake up call for all of the parliamentarians – New Zealand troops need to get out of Afghanistan now’ said Peace Action Wellington member Valerie Morse

‘This war has been going on for nearly 9 years. It has caused immeasurable horror and damage for the people of Afghanistan. Estimates are of 30,000 Afghanis dead. The country is in far worse shape now than it was when the bombing began on 8 October 2001. This war is a thinly veiled campaign of imperial conquest being waged by the US and its ISAF allies.’

‘We don’t buy the State propaganda about the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Bamiyan. These people are armed soldiers first and foremost. They have never and were never invited by the people of Afghanistan to occupy their country.’

‘When the PRTs were first deployed, their stated mission was to extend the rule of the central government in Kabul – run by the corrupt US puppet Hamid Karzai. The NZDF is not conducting a mission of mercy for the people of Afghanistan but simply lending legitimacy and material support to an occupying army. It is the US government and its co-conspirators who are the real terrorists there.’

‘By and large New Zealanders don’t support the war in Afghanistan. The people in this country are not hoodwinked by US lies about bringing democracy and freedom. We demand that all New Zealand troops are withdrawn from Afghanistan immediately.’


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