2011 Press releases

SAS Afghanistan extension is criminal

Peace Action Wellington

2 February 2011

“While we are not surprised, we are utterly disgusted that the government is extending the New Zealand Special Air Service (SAS) stay in Afghanistan for another year. The SAS are committing war crimes in Afghanistan” said Valerie Morse, spokesperson for Peace Action Wellington.

“Only a month ago, on Christmas Eve, the SAS killed two civilians during a raid at the headquarters of Afghan Tiger Group in Kabul. ‘It was murder,’ said Col. Mohammed Zahir, director of criminal investigations for the Kabul police, who arrived at the scene shortly after the raid began and said both victims had been shot in the head.”

“Peace Action Wellington was formed around opposition to New Zealand’s political and military intervention in Afghanistan in 2001. Along with the spybases at Waihopai and Tangimoana, the soldiers in Afghanistan are the New Zealand government’s main contribution to the so-called ‘War on Terror’.”

“We demand the withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan and support the right to self-determination for the people of Afghanistan and their right to live in peace and a decent standard of living” concluded Valerie Morse


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